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Last updated: 2 August 2021

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Automatic Coffee Machines - Everything You Need to Know

A coffee machine is a crucial element for almost any working environment. It doesn't matter if it's a small office, a large canteen or a business centre. The right automatic office coffee machine in your workplace can serve as a tool for socialising, brainstorming or coffee breaks. Of course, different environments require different types of coffee machines depending on their desired needs and expectations.

In order to serve high quality coffee drinks as quickly as possible, more and more workplaces are focusing on automatic coffee machines. An automatic coffee machine or a coffee vending machine is the perfect solution for any setting where coffee consumption is high. 

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5 Types of Automatic Coffee Machines

An automatic coffee machine can be suitable for many different needs. However, one should be aware that there are different kinds of automatic coffee machines. Some of them are suitable for offices, and others for professional use. In order to choose the right automatic coffee machine, you must first define the main purpose the coffee machine is going to serve.

1. Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The bean to cup coffee machine is a fully automatic coffee machine, and can serve a high quality cup of coffee with the simple touch of a button. One of the most remarkable advantages of automatic bean to cup coffee machines is that they use fresh coffee beans, which guarantees an excellent taste and flavour.

Furthermore, most of the units in this category are equipped with a milk frother, which means they can serve milk based coffee drinks that are of the highest quality. An automatic coffee machine of this type can serve up to 300 cups per hour, which makes it a suitable solution for places with high traffic and coffee consumption. 

Automatic Coffee Machines 2_769x 390

2. Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

Automatic espresso coffee machines are high quality professional coffee systems which can satisfy even the most pretentious coffee drinker. This automatic coffee machine can provide a shot of high quality espresso in only a few seconds. Just like the regular espresso machines, automatic espresso machines have portafilters in which the ground coffee must be placed.

The key difference is that the automatic units usually have a pre-determined volume size for the beverages. These machines are fixed with buttons above each portafilter. Most advanced espresso makers have up to four options and each portafilter can serve two cups at a time. 

Espresso Automatic

3. Automatic Capsule (Pod) Coffee Machine

An automatic capsule coffee machine is a convenient solution for anyone that wants to avoid the mess of traditional espresso making. However, not every capsule coffee machine can be referred to as an automatic coffee machine. Usually the base level pod coffee makers have a manual drink size function, which means they are not categorised as automatic.

The automatic capsule coffee makers have pre-determined drink volumes and making a coffee beverage simply requires the push of a button. These coffee makers can be a suitable solution for offices, coffee shops, and restaurants alike.

4. Automatic Instant Coffee Machines

These units can also be referred to as automatic coffee machines. An automatic coffee machine is usually used in places where coffee consumption is high. Instant coffee machines are highly efficient units because they can serve up to 800 cups per hour. That being said, they are certainly a suitable solution for offices, canteens or public buildings.

5. Automatic Built-in Coffee Machines

Built in coffee machines can also be referred to as automatic coffee makers. These units are different than the others because they cannot be installed separately. A built in coffee machine is usually part of an integrated kitchen system. This is why they are more appropriate for big locations with extra space. Their price is relatively high, however they offer premium quality and convenience for the customers.

The Best Automatic Coffee Machine

When it comes to choosing the best automatic coffee machine, the choice depends on the needs of the business. For example, if you are looking to serve high quality espresso shots in a café, the best solution would probably be an automatic espresso coffee machine or an automatic bean to cup coffee machine. On the other hand, if the location is a large office building, the best coffee machine may be an industrial coffee machine which can provide a high volume of coffee beverages. Also to consider would be the functionality and types of beverages the machine should dispense. Should it also have a hot water dispenser functionality, for example?

Coffee (1)

However, many experts will admit that a bean to cup coffee maker is the best automatic coffee machine. These units are highly efficient and they can satisfy any customer demand. An automatic coffee machine of this kind can serve a wide range of high quality coffee drinks, from espresso shots to modern specialities such as cappuccino, macchiato and caffé latte. Furthermore, they can provide a great volume of coffee drinks per hour and can brew two coffee beverages at a time.

Of course the best coffee machine will vary based on your needed quality, size, price and capacity. Defining your business objectives is essential before choosing the best coffee machine solution.

Why Choose an Automatic Coffee Machine?

An automatic coffee machine can be a suitable solution for any environment. However, the price of an automatic coffee machine will vary based on your desired features.

Even though the price of these units is relatively high, investing in these machines will be advantageous in the long-term since a high quality and reliable machine will provide you with many years of excellent coffee. If such an investment is not affordable, most suppliers offer the option of coffee machine rental or leasing agreements.

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