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Last Updated: 06. November 2018

Choose the Right Business Coffee Machine and Save Money

Whether it is to serve your restaurant customers, or just to treat your employees with a good cup of coffee, a business coffee machine can be useful in many situations. There are many coffee machine models and types available on the market, such as commerical coffee machines. Therefore, it is important that you understand what is available in order to get the best coffee machine for business your needs.

The perfect business coffee machine will be tailored to your needs in terms of size, price, operating costs, quality and much more.

Do you want to find the ideal coffee machine for your business? Here at Market-Inspector we can help you analyse the different business coffee machines available on the market. Fill out a quote request form today and we will connect you with several suppliers and provide you with four qualified quotes, free of charge.

There are several important points to keep in mind when deciding which business coffee machine to purchase, or alternatively the option to lease or rent a coffee machine. Whether you work in an office or own a restaurant, we are here to provide you with relevant information to help make your journey easier and stress-free.

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Business Coffee Machines for Your Office

In order to get the right coffee machine for your office, you need to know the number of employees that will be using the unit, the level of quality expected, the number of drink options you would like to have available, the space available for the machine, and several other factors. Taking all this information into consideration will lead you to one of the following options:

Business -coffee -machine -s3Coffee Vending Machine

The coffee vending machine is more suitable for large offices where many cups are brewed every day. These machines produce a large variety of hot beverage choices such as black coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino or even soup. Since many people with different tastes use the machines, it's advantageous that the coffee machine is able to satisfy everyone's preferences. Another important advantage is that a cup of coffee can be delivered in less than 30 seconds and by the simple push of a button.

Instant Coffee Machine

An instant coffee machine is similar to a vending machine. It has comparable features such as high speed brewing and a high capacity of cups per day. The main difference is size, as an instant coffee machine is visibly smaller. If you have many employees but you are lacking space in your workplace, then an instant coffee machine might be the perfect solution for you.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

This kind of business coffee machine is also capable of handling a high demand of hot drinks. In addition to having the capacity to deliver many cups, the drinks are of good quality and taste. In fact, these machines provide better and higher quality drinks than the two previous options. However, a bean to cup machine requires more frequent maintenance and service checks than vending or instant coffee machines.

Business -coffee -machine -s2Built in Coffee Machine

This kind of coffee machine is also called an integrated coffee machine. The daily cup capacity is not as large as the previous options. This coffee machine is more suitable for a mid-sized office. As it is fully automated, a built in coffee machine is very fast at delivering beverages. However, it requires extra space in your kitchen and it is usually installed when the kitchen is being built. These units are built into the kitchen structure of an office space.

Capsule Coffee Machine

This business coffee machine is most suitable for workplaces with relatively low hot drink consumption. These machines are small and stylish, and can easily be placed anywhere in the office. These machines require low maintenance, and purchasing a machine doesn't require a large investment as the initial price is relatively low.

Business Coffee Machine for Your Restaurant

If you own a restaurant or a coffee shop, you need a professional business coffee machine that can serve high quality coffee. These coffee machines have many options and are able to offer a wide variety of coffee beverages. A professional business coffee machine can be either manual or semi-automatic. Automatic machines are often used in offices but are rarely used in restaurants or coffee shops. Two main options are available on the market:

  • Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

The professional espresso coffee machine is the most common as this kind of machine has more than one portafilter and can deliver at least two cups of coffee at a time. The brewing temperature is quickly reached and the barista can serve high quality coffees.

  • Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

Most bean to cup coffee makers are semi-automatic, which is why some professionals prefer this business coffee machine. Therefore, high quality coffee can be brewed with moderate effort.

Business -coffee -machine -sBuy Vs. Rent Your Business Coffee Machine

After deciding which business coffee machine you need, you will have to decide whether you want to buy or to rent the equipment. Both solutions offer advantages and your choice will heavily depend on the machine that you are interested in.

Buying a business coffee machine results in high up-front costs, but if you plan to keep the machine for many years then it might be a good investment.

On the other hand, a coffee machine rental agreement can be convenient because there is no initial cost and you will not have to deal with service issues. Maintenance and service are tasks often included for free in the rental contract. Also, this option would allow you test different kinds of machines if you are not yet sure which option best suits your needs.

Ready to Invest in a Coffee Machine?

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