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Last Updated: 09. July 2019

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Even though coffee machines, such as, bean to cup commercial coffee machines or coffee vending machines, play an essential role in almost any company, you may still consider switching to a commercial coffee machine. There is a wide variety of professional coffee maker machines to meet many different customer needs, no matter if you would like to rent or buy. The perfect business coffee machine will be tailored to your needs in terms of size, price, operating costs, quality and much more.

  1. What you get in return is a professional brew, and it is definitely catered to those with a greater appreciation for coffee craft. 
  2. You can use quality beans, and opt for fair-trade or organic options. 
  3. You can find the best coffee machine to fit your needs. 

You don't have to be a barista to know how to use a professional coffee machine because technological advancements have made it easier for users to utilize commercial coffee machine functions with greater ease. With a professional coffee maker machine, some main beverage options are espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino, as well as hot water for tea. 

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Commercial Coffee Machine

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What should be the functions of your commercial coffee machine?
Types of professional coffee machines
Types of industrial coffee machines
How much does a commercial coffee machine cost?
Basic features of your commercial coffee machine
Buy vs rent a business coffee machine
Would you like to invest in a commercial coffee machine?

Rent, Lease or Buy a Commercial Coffee Machine

Renting or Leasing a commercial coffee machine might be the way to go, there are high quality coffee makers on the market. It is a widespread practice for businesses in UK. The explanation is that, in this way they can minimise the risk of making a bad investment.

More specifically, a coffee machine rental could be an excellent way to compare different commercial coffee machines and to figure out which one can better serve the needs of your company. Additionally, most of the rental agreements also come with some technical and maintenance services.

Of course, there is also the option to buy a commercial coffee machine. Many companies offer different types of commercial coffee machines for sale at many different price points. 

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Commercial coffee machine rental

What Should be the Functions of Your Commercial Coffee Machine?

The perfect cup of coffee is achieved with the proper coffee machine functionalities. For instance, there must be a optimum brewing temperature, and commercial coffee machines have it 10-20 degrees hotter than made-for-home devices. Fortunately, technological advancements have improved brewing precision.

Another important factor to consider when creating a quality cup of coffee is making sure that the grind is right. For this, it is a good idea to invest in a integrated grinder. Having a grinder that is accurate and consistent allows the machine to extract the liquid in the best way.

You should also consider functionalities that produce good cream, which is the foam on your espresso. To achieve this, you will have to ensure that your machine is set to the right water pressure and correct pour time, which is around 18-24 seconds.

What Is the Best Professional Coffee Machine? 

Whether you already have an established business, or you are just starting, choosing the right professional coffee machine is crucial. To make it easier for you to decide, we have suggested 5 professional coffee machines, that with their features qualify as some of the best ones on the market.

  • Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric
  • La Pavoni Bar T2T Commercial 
  • Gaggia Academia 
  • Jura WE8 Professional Automatic
  • Schaerer Barista  

Types of Professional Coffee Machines

Few coffee machines are as sophisticated as a professional coffee machine. A professional coffee machine has different options and likely offers a wide variety of coffee beverages. With a professional coffee machine, some main beverage options are espresso, caffe latte, and cappuccino. You can also get coffee machines that function as hot water dispensers, for those employees that prefer a cup of tea every now and again.

1. Fully Automatic Professional Coffee Machine

Most professionals prefer a classic espresso machine over an automatic coffee machine. However, automatic commercial coffee machines are able to serve high quality coffee drinks with the touch of a button. A fully automatic professional coffee maker machine can be a suitable solution for offices, canteens, and generally for environments where consumers are simply interested in pressing buttons to get their coffee.

2. Semi-Automatic Professional Coffee Machine

With semi-automatic professional coffee machines, users fill up their cup of coffee manually. Therefore, this type of professional coffee maker is a prefered choice for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. It is ideal if you want high quality coffee that caters to personal preferences.

Whether you need an automatic or semi-automatic professional coffee machine depend on your workplace. Some environments prefer the advantages of fully automatic units, while others prefer the experience of using traditional espresso makers.

Types of Industrial Coffee Machines

Whether it is a large or a small company, there are many different types of industrial coffee machines that can meet your specific needs.There are many different industrial coffee machines with various functions and brewing methods. Most of these machines can provide not only regular coffee drinks, but also modern specialties such as cappuccino, café latté and macchiato.

Of course when it comes to coffee art, most professionals will prefer to invest in an industrial espresso maker. These units have a bigger capacity than the regular ones. Usually, they have more the one portafilter and automatic volume functions. They can brew few cups of espresso at a time, rich in aroma and flavour. Industrial coffee machines of this type are often first choice for cafes and coffee shops.

Besides the different flavours, industrial coffee machines also vary with respect to the brewing time. For example, instant coffee machines are able to serve coffee beverages in less than 30 seconds, at a touch of a button. This makes them a suitable solution for large offices and for places with high consumption of coffee drinks.

Contrary, bean to cup machines require a longer brewing time. However, these industrial units are able to provide coffee beverages of the highest quality. These coffee machines always make fresh coffee, thanks to an internal coffee grinder. In this way, the consumer can have a sensational coffee experience within less than a minute. Industrial coffee machines of this type can be a relevant solution for offices, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

Another type of industrial coffee machines is coffee vending machines. With a wide variety of products and a large capacity, these machines are a convenient solution for large offices, public buildings or factories. These industrial coffee machines can satisfy any desire for hot drinks. They can offer coffee specialties, hot chocolate, tea and in some cases even soup.

How Much Does a Commercial Coffee Machine Cost?

It is not easy to define an industrial coffee machine price, but commercial coffee machines can cost anything from £1,500 for low-end machines to £15,000 or more.

There are many possibilities with different functions depending on the requirements you have, which will define the price. For example a coffee vending machine can cost up to £5,000, while the price of a professional espresso machine can reach £20,000. Additionally, most of the suppliers of industrial coffee machines are flexible in their price policies and they are additionally offering lease options and coffee machine rental agreements.

Most suppliers offer post sales customer service. Having a high quality service that can keep your machine running smoothly is very important. Furthermore it serves as a guarantee that a product will meet all your expectations.

4 Basic Features of Your Commercial Coffee Machine

  1. Boiler: connected to the main pipes and regulates pressure
  2. Group-head: these nozzles are connected to main pipes, and allows water to infuse with the coffee oil at the correct rate
  3. Steam wands: used to heat the milk for cappuccinos and lattes by adding air. The milk temperature should never go beyond 70 degrees otherwise the milk will go flat or it may curdle.
  4. Knockout drawer: where the excess coffee grounded beans are stored

The Key to a Good Cup of Coffee

There are many things to consider when making a quality brew, and usually skilled baristas can control variables such as the water temperature, steam pressure, and the fineness of the ground coffee to produce the best cup. Even top commercial coffee machines can only be as its operator, so it is important to know how your coffee machine should work. That said, your machine’s tools can be a significant factor to creating the perfect cup of coffee.

The difference between coffee machines intended for home use and commercial ones is also dependant on how well you maintain your commercial coffee maker. Make sure you prime the coffee machine so that your coffee has the added kick that other coffee machines simply can’t provide.


For instance, the grinders of coffee machines for home use are much smaller than commercial grinders and this makes them heat up faster, thereby making them less efficient. If your coffee machine is producing too much heat, this can have an impact on the flavour. Commercial coffee machines don’t have this problem because they don’t have to work so hard to get the job done.


Another thing to remember is to keep the boiler half-full of water, which allows the steam to build up, resulting in optimal pressure. It is imperative that the boiler is drained and refilled on a regular basis because this inhibits the build of limescale. If not, then this would stop the coffee from being brewed properly.

It is important to fill the tank with clean, cold water and once you have your cup ready, press the start button as if you were making a single espresso - this is the best way to cleanse your coffee machine. It is best to repeat this process until the water in your cup is clear. Getting rid of any grains left over in the machine’s pipes ensures that there is no build up causing the machine to become clogged.

Fresh Beans

To get the best taste of coffee, it is better to purchase whole beans within two weeks of their roast date. Buying smaller amounts more often allows you to enjoy a fresher brew.

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Buy vs Rent a Business Coffee Machine

After deciding which busines coffee machine you need, you will have to decide whether you want to buy or to rent the equipment. Both solutions offer advantages and your choice will heavily depend on the machine that you are interested in.

Buying a business coffee machine results in high up-front costs, but if you plan to keep the machine for many years then it might be a good investment.

On the other hand, a coffee machine rental agreement can be convenient because there is no initial cost and you will not have to deal with service issues. Maintenance and service are tasks often included for free in the rental contract. Also, this option owuld allow you to test different kinds of machines if you are not yet sure which option best suits your needs.

Would You Like to Invest in a Commercial Coffee Machine?

Whether you should switch to commercial coffee machines is dependent on your office size. It might be prudent to assess the amount of coffee cups you go through in one day. Some machines don’t cope very well with high-volume coffee intake, but there are several commercial coffee machine options to choose from with varying dispensing capacities. Normally, even small commercial coffee machines can brew one or more pots of coffee at a time and they have multiple warming plates. This makes them a perfect instrument to satisfy demand, but more importantly, they are more reliable over a longer period of time.

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be a trained coffee barista to make a good cup of coffee because the most important thing is that commercial coffee machines allow you to make the best cup of coffee for you. Furthermore, you don’t need to have a state of the art commercial office coffee machine for your business as there are many options to suit your needs and skill-level.

Do you want to buy or rent a commercial coffee machine? Or maybe you are curious about commercial office coffee machine prices. Either way there are a lot of possibilities and options to consider, and Market Inspector is here to help.

Request a free quote today and you will be able to compare prices of commercial coffee machines. Our sales team will help you find the perfect solution for your business. We will contact you as soon as possible with qualified coffee machine suppliers of commercial machines. Requesting quotes is free and non-binding making the process easier for you! 

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