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Last Updated: 06. February 2019

Why Choose an Industrial Coffee Machine?

Coffee machines can improve the business environment more than you may expect. The mood and the efficiency on the workplace can be improved with small talk, a professional discussion or a brainstorming session, while gathered around an office coffee machine.

Producing fresh ideas can take doing more than sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, sometimes you will need a break to stretch your legs and unleash your creative thoughts. An office coffee machine, whether it is a bean to cup machine or a coffee vending machine, can have a positive impact on an employees’ performance and creative abilities. Choosing the right industrial coffee machine can have a positive effect on the overall performance of a business.

Whether it is a large or a small company, there are many different types of industrial coffee machines that can meet your specific needs. If you want some help, then fill out the form at the right side of the page and our qualified sales team will prepare a list of suppliers according to your description. There is no charge or obligations for these services, so send us your request today.

Which Industrial Coffee Machine Should You Buy?

There are numerous types of industrial coffee machines, so it can be hard to choose which one suits your needs best. Large companies may need an professional coffee machine that has a greater brewing capacity and more features than a smaller alternative. It is very important that one should first define the business objectives.

Small industrial coffee machine may requires more refills than necessary, which can be time consuming and costly. On the other hand, buying too large industrial coffee machine can mean extra costs for service and maintenance.

Double Espresso _770x 360

Similarly, one should keep in mind that different industrial coffee machines will perform differently in terms of speed. Some industrial coffee makers will brew slower than others, depending on their features. Additionally, some units can be also able to brew larger quantities at a time, which can be useful for business meetings.

Types of Industrial Coffee Machines

There are many different industrial coffee machines with various functions and brewing methods. Most of these machines can provide not only regular coffee drinks, but also modern specialties such as cappuccino, café latté and macchiato.

Of course when it comes to coffee art, most professionals will prefer to invest in an industrial espresso maker. These units have a bigger capacity than the regular ones. Usually, they have more the one portafilter and automatic volume functions. They can brew few cups of espresso at a time, rich in aroma and flavour. Industrial coffee machines of this type are often first choice for cafes and coffee shops.

Industrial Espresso

Besides the different flavours, industrial coffee machines also vary with respect to the brewing time. For example, instant coffee machines are able to serve coffee beverages in less than 30 seconds, at a touch of a button. This makes them a suitable solution for large offices and for places with high consumption of coffee drinks.

Contrary, bean to cup machines require a longer brewing time. However, these industrial units are able to provide coffee beverages of the highest quality. These coffee machines always make fresh coffee, thanks to an internal coffee grinder. In this way, the consumer can have a sensational coffee experience within less than a minute. Industrial coffee machines of this type can be a relevant solution for offices, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

Another type of industrial coffee machines is coffee vending machines. With a wide variety of products and a large capacity, these machines are a convenient solution for large offices, public buildings or factories. These industrial coffee machines can satisfy any desire for hot drinks. They can offer coffee specialties, hot chocolate, tea and in some cases even soup.

The Best Industrial Coffee MachinesBean To Cup Industrial

One can choose among wide variety of industrial coffee machines. However, finding the best coffee machine depends on your business needs. For example if one needs a coffee machine for an office building, the best choice will be industrial coffee vending machine.

On the other hand smaller location, which are focused more on quality than quantity, will prefer an industrial espresso coffee machine. Of course, when trying to find the right coffee machine, one has to pay attention on the reputation of the different brands as well as on the desired features. After all a the perfect purchasing decision will be made when there is a balance between the price and the quality of a given product.

Industrial Coffee Machine Prices

It is not easy to define an industrial coffee machine price. There are countless possibilities with different functions depending on the requirements you have, which will define the price. For example a coffee vending machine can cost up to £5,000, while the price of a professional espresso machine can reach £20,000. Additionally, most of the suppliers of industrial coffee machines are flexible in their price policies and they are additionally offering lease options and coffee machine rental agreements.

Most suppliers offer customer service after a customer purchases an industrial coffee machine. Having a high quality service that can keep your machine running well and reliably is very important. Furthermore it serves as a guarantee that a product will meet all of your expectations.

If you want to find the best solution that matches your requirements fill out a quote request form today. We will find the perfect solution for you and you can order up to four free quotes.