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Last Updated: 06. February 2019

Professional Coffee Machines For Businesses in the UK

The demand for high quality coffee beverages is increasing each and every year. It was only a few years ago that many British people prefered a cup of tea or a cup of instant coffee over a high quality beverage.

There is a wide variety of professional coffee machines to meet many different customer needs. Small offices can easily use capsule or pod coffee machines, which are easy to maintain. Bigger cafés, restaurants or offices can choose professional coffee machines that will be a better match for their requirements. Such units may be the bean to cup machines or the coffee vending machines.

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What Defines a Professional Coffee Machine?

Professional coffee machines will always deliver better coffee than non-professional coffee machines. For this reason, you will find these coffee makers in most restaurants and coffee shops.

Professional espresso coffee machines are usually prefered because they have more than one portafilter and can deliver at least two cups of coffee at a time. Additionally, they are more powerful than regular coffee makers and can reach the perfect brewing temperature much faster. On the other hand, bean to cup coffee machines are prefered by some professionals because they can brew high quality coffee beverages with less steps and less mess.

Espresso Professional

Of course, professional coffee machines make a good cup of coffee, but the quality of the the beans is no less important than the machine itself. Professional or not, your machine will not be able to deliver high quality coffee if you are using coffee beans or ground coffee of low quality.

Therefore, it is important that you use high-quality ingredients when using a professional coffee machine. This will guarantee that every cup of coffee has an exceptional taste and is rich in flavour.

Types of Professional Coffee Machines 

Few coffee machines are as sophisticated as a professional coffee machine. A professional coffee machine has different options and likely offers a wide variety of coffee beverages. With a professional coffee machine, some main beverage options are espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino, as well as hot water for tea.

Fully Automatic Professional Coffee Machine

Most professionals prefer a classic espresso machine over an automatic coffee machine. However, automatic coffee machines are able to serve high quality coffee drinks with the touch of a button. A fully automatic professional coffee machine can be a suitable solution for offices, canteens, and generally for environments where consumers are simply interested in pressing buttons to get their coffee.

Semi-Automatic Professional Coffee Machine

With semi-automatic professional coffee machines, users fill up their cup of coffee manually. Therefore, this type of professional coffee maker is a prefered choice for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. It is ideal if you want high quality coffee that caters to personal preferences.

Professinal Coffee Machine _770x 377

Whether you need an automatic or semi-automatic professional coffee machine depend on your workplace. Some environments prefer the advantages of fully automatic units, while others prefer the experience of using traditional espresso makers.

How Much Does a Professional Coffee Machine Cost?

It's hard to define the exact price of a professional coffee unit. The price of a professional coffee machine may vary depending on your desired features. This could be the cup capacity of the machine, the size, or the energy consumption. The price may also vary when there is the option for a coffee machine rental agreement.

Usually it is more expensive to buy a new professional coffee machine than it is to lease or to rent one. While renting or leasing requires a small payment each month, buying a new machine can be a big and nearly impossible investment. However, investing in a professional coffee machine will provide you with valulable advantages in the long term.

The Best Professional Coffee Machines

If you are looking for the best coffee machine, then professional coffee machines are the right choice. Whether it is a fully automatic bean to cup machine or a semi-automatic espresso maker, a professional coffee machine will allow you to brew coffee beverages of the highest quality.

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