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Why You Need a Coffee Vending Machine

Whether it is to treat customers to a nice cup of coffee, or just to give your employees an energy boost, hot drinks vending machines can be a useful addition to any office setting.

Currently, there are a large variety of coffee vending machine options available on the market. These units tend to differ in size and the range of the beverages that they can serve; from small units that may brew a handful of simple coffees, to large floor standing units that can dispense other beverages like tea, hot chocolate, and even soup.

Modern vending coffee machines can cater to the needs of most office environments. However, office coffee machines can vary based on many factors such as their features and price. Coffee vending machine prices depend on the quality, the features, the brand, and the efficiency of the coffee maker.

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Coffee Vending Machine Prices

The price of a coffee vending machine depends on the type, size, and any other special needs you may have. Moreover, the price of a machine will depend on whether you rent, lease, or buy, as well as what kind of added services you need.
A typical floor standing unit may cost up to £5,000 to purchase, but the price will depend on the features, size, and capacity of the machine.

Smaller units may be cheaper, starting at £900 for a basic machine. Remember, the more features you want to include, the higher the price. If you don't want to commit to buying one, coffee vending machine rental can also be a good alternative. You can also rent a coffee vending machine at prices between £5 - 50 per week. An office hot drinks vending machine costs approximately £1475 to purchase.

If you don’t know which coffee vending machine is right for you, some suppliers provide free limited trials, while others may have the option to upgrade rented units after a set period of time.

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What Types of Hot Drink Vending Machines Can You Choose From?

Workplaces all have different preferences when it comes to coffee making machines. Big institutions that are looking to compare coffee machines will look for tea and coffee vending machines with a wide variety of products and a large capacity, whereas smaller entities will require units that are sufficient for a lower demand and potentially a smaller variety of products, depending on what they are willing to spend.

There is a variety of different models available:

1. Floor Standing Units

These are the largest units available and they can typically provide a wide variety of products. These units can deliver at least 10 different types of hot beverages and have a capacity of up to 600 drinks per day, depending on whether they are plumbed or tanked.

2.  Table Top Coffee Vending Machines

They have a lower capacity than floor standing units and can be placed on tables or countertops. These machines can deliver up to 8 products, such as coffee, hot chocolate, and hot water. Capsule vending machines are relatively new on the market and are the smallest units available. They have the smallest capacity and can deliver up to 30 cups before needing to be refilled.

3.  In-cup Vending Machines

They have the largest capacity and can brew up to 1200 cups per day. These units deliver, as the name suggests, in-cup coffee instead of freshly ground and brewed coffee.

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Do Coffee Vending Machines Filter Water?

Filtering the water that goes into a coffee machine is important in areas that have hard and chlorinated water.
Floor standing coffee vending machines filter the water that is used in the brewing process to ensure that the result tastes good and the machine doesn't calcify. Smaller machines may not have this feature and will require an external water filter, if needed.

Request a quote and mention that filtered water is an important feature for you. Our qualified suppliers will then be able to inform you about the various filtering features and options available on the market.

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Cup Dispensers for Coffee Vending Machines

Many floor standing coffee vending machines are equipped with paper cup dispensers. If you want to cater coffee to a large number of employees then this will be a useful feature to have.

However, businesses that make coffee for customers or clients while using a tabletop or capsule coffee machine will want to use more presentable porcelain cups.

Another consideration when choosing a machine is whether you are looking for a machine that integrates sugar, milk, or cream into the drink making process, or whether you would like to provide these coffee additions alongside the machine with the cups and stirrers.

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Coffee to Go From Coffee Vending Machines

Some floor standing coffee vending machines deliver coffee to go, in separate retail sized cups with sip lids. These units work great for small businesses, libraries, kiosks, universities, and rest stops. Some of these machines have a touchscreen option making it user friendly while providing multiple beverage options to the customer.They can also come with the option of setting a price for the dispensed coffee, and require almost no maintenance.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for My Coffee?

All models are capable of delivering coffee in less than one minute. Machines that use pre ground coffee, such as capsule units, can deliver coffee in 40 seconds. Floor standing coffee vending machines will, most likely, deliver coffee in one full minute. Instant coffee vending machines can deliver your hot beverage in just about 9 seconds, which is very useful in offices where you want to save time on coffee breaks.

Payment Systems in Coffee Vending Machines

Coinoperatedvending The most popular choice among customers is a coin operated coffee vending machine. They come with immediate profits and benefits. However, many machines are available as both cash and cashless systems. Ask your supplier about the various payment options available for their coffee vending machines.

In places like airports and shopping malls, customers can easily make payment by using their credit card. Some machines also accept cash cards, which is a convenient method of payment for office workers.

The best coffee machine for you will depend on its functions and your requirements. They are many vending machine companies that can supply based on the specific needs of the customer. If you’re using the coffee and/or tea vending machine in a commercial space, then coin operated makes better sense, whereas cashless systems could be used in offices.

Coffee Vending Machines Rental or Purchase

If a limited budget is making it difficult for you to buy a commercial coffee vending machine, there are many companies on the market that offer the option to rent an office coffee vending machines. There are suppliers that tailor the vending machine to fit specific needs of the customer. These tend to be the best coffee vending machines seeing as they perfectly fit the user.  Some of them also provide installation service and also train the client how to operate and maintain the coffee vending machine.

The cost of coffee vending machine renting is typically calculated on a price per week basis, and varies between £5 to £50 per week. Differences in prices arise from the variety of models and features that are available. if you do have the budget there are of course also suppliers that have coffee vending machines for sale.

While the most popular units to rent are small table coffee vending machines, there are suppliers that also offer leasing plans for floor standing units.

Maintenance and Servicing

Suppliers may offer service options for every unit and for every need, whether purchased, leased, or rented. Technical maintenance and servicing is available in order to guarantee that your unit will perform without any problems and will continue to meet brewing expectations.

Many tea and coffee vending machine suppliers offer a 24-hour customer service phone line in order to resolve any minor issues as quickly as possible. Whether it is to empty coffee grounds, fill ingredients, de-scale, or repair a machine, suppliers will be there for you when you need it.

Smaller vending machines have built-in cleaning system with easy-to-follow procedures, and are relatively low maintenance. Larger machines will need to be serviced by the supplier to maintain the machine. It is essential to check the warranty period and post sale services offered by the supplier.

To find a coffee vending machine solution that can support your business, fill out a quote request form today. Our qualified sales team will contact you and connect you with suppliers of high quality vending machines that can improve how you do business. Connecting with a supplier will cost you nothing and you are entitled to four free quotes.

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