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What Is a Cash Register with Scanner?

Cash registers with a scanner allow vendors to process the check-out faster by scanning the prices. Therefore, they don’t have to enter information manually from the price label to the till cash register, which will reduce the overall number of mistakes.

Scanners measure distance from different points of the barcode, then it decodes and send information to the cash register. Consequently, details can be available fastly. Furthermore, it can help to track the stock level.

Barcode readers can be used with a cash register scanner or it can also be combined with an ePOS system or a mPOS system.

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What Is a Barcode?Scanner Barcode

In general barcodes are in black and white, because big contrasts reduce misreading as it helps the scan to detect codes easily.

A 1D barcode is ordinarily an image or badge with different vertical lines of diverse thicknesses, where each line can be translated to a digit.

Usually, under the barcode you can find digits, therefore vendors can enter the system manually in case of a scan problem.

There is also another kind of barcode called 2D barcode, that can contain more information. 2D barcodes look like a serie of small squares, such as QR codes used by advertisers to direct customers to a website or an application. As they contain lots of information, they are often used for shipping processes or manufacturing data.

What to Consider before Choosing a Cash Register with Scanner?

Depending on your store's need, you have to choose one scan reader from many different kinds.

The first point to take in consideration is the kind of codes you need to read. Not all scan readers can read all the codes. Although, with a 2D scanner you can read both 1D and 2D codes.

Secondly, depending on what kinds of products you have, you need a handheld or fixed scan. With a handheld scan the vendors need to move the barcode reader over the item. With a fixed one, the vendors need to move the item in front of the scanner.

Then, the scanner needed depends on the type of items you scan. You have to consider also if the surface is uneven, if the items are really small or if you need to scan from a long range then you need a specific scanner.

Also keep in mind that you have to choose between a wireless or a cable scanner.

Finally, remember to check the connection of the scanner to be sure it matches the interface of your electronic cash register or ePOS systems.

What Are the Different Kinds of Scan Readers?Cash Register With Scanner

Here is a short explanation of the four main scan readers:

  • Contact scan

Contact scanners are really basic and limited as they are the cheapest models. To use them you need straight lines as they can’t read uneven surfaces. Also, you have to be close to the product as contact scanners have a close range of scanning. We would recommend you to stay away of this type of scanners, unless you are doing pretty low volume of sales with mainly flat barcodes.

  • Laser scanner

Laser scanners are the most common barcode reader. They can work with uneven surfaces and are really efficient. Also, they can scan from a relatively long distance, which can be practical for certain circumstances.

  • Counter scanner

A counter scanner is mainly used in grocery shops. It is good for a high volume environment as it is reliable and fast. It can often read damaged barcodes and usually you don’t have to be straight in front of it, you can use it on any angle, it is omni-directional.

  • Pen Type Scanner

Pen type scanners are called like this because they actually look like a pen. A pen type scanner can read scan on close and flat products. It is hard to use, you need to go over the barcodes relatively slowly. It is not as efficient as the other types of scanners, but it is cheaper and can be used if you have a small volume of items to scan per day such as libraries or offices document management.

Till Cash Register Scanner

What Are the Other Options to Consider?

When you buy a cash register with a scanner you need to check others options from just the scanner. You might need other hardware devices for your cash out solution.

  • Barcode printer

You need to be able to print the barcode labels to put them on your items. That is why you need a barcode printer. Once you know how many items you have in store, and how often the restocking is, then you can decide what kind of printer you need. If many labels need to be printed per day, then it is better to buy a high quality printer, you don’t want to loose your time with printer jams.

  • Cash drawer

You also need a cash drawer to be able to receive the cash payments. A scanner will be connected to a machine and then it will often automatically open the drawer when processing a payment.

  • Advanced cash registerCash Register

If you have many employees and you want to see a different report for each of them, you can have this option. You might be able to register and organise many products, by putting them under categories to find them faster on the machine.

  • Screen

If you want to give a visuality to your customers, to let them see the price, you need a screen. You also need to have a screen for your employees, to let them know how much the change is.

  • Receipt printer

Some printers allow you to personalize the receipts with your logo. Also, your printer will be different if you just need to print small receipts or big invoices.

  • Other

Depending on your business you might need a weight scale or a self-service checkout.

Also, if you need more advanced reports, it might be good to think in buying an electronic POS. This could offer you more options than a traditional cash register with scanner and you can still connect a barcode reader and many other hardware devices.

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