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What Does an Online Cash Register Offer You?

Online cash registers allow users to have a cash register from any devices, all you need is a browser. A computer, a tablet or even a smartphone could become your mobile cash register.

Many applications or software are available to run your entire business online, but you need to understand your store’s needs before picking one. However, most of them offer a free trial period, which will give you time to confirm or reject your choice.

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Installation of Online Cash Registers

The installation process of an online cash register is usually pretty fast, but it depends on how many products you have in the store and on how well you are prepared.

It is important to first decide which application or software you need and then select your hardware. You want your hardware to allow you access all types of software options.

Keep in mind that in most of the cases you can keep your existing hardware.

Online cash registers can generally be used either with a PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet or even on a smartphone. However,  you need to double check the compatibility before taking any decision.

You might need to invest in new hardware if you want a specific software that is not compatible. Also, you can connect other devices as barcode scanner, receipt printer, credit card reader or cash drawer, to your online cash register.

Once you have your hardware ready, most of the times you just need to create an account to be ready to go. However, if you want to transfer your data from the old equipment to your new online cash register, it is better to be prepared with a few documents.

As having an organised documentation, will save you time, you should be ready with a list of all your products, a list of prices, a list of SKUs or barcodes and a list of customers.

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Operating ProcessOnmine Cash Register Grocery

Once you have installed everything for your online cash register, you need to ensure you can access support in case of problems.

This factor is really important to take into consideration before selecting the software. You want to get help if your cash out solution breaks down.

Some providers offer a 24/7 customer service, some others offer a repairman to help you get up and running.

However, these services are good but you might need to wait too long on the phone or for a technician to assist you, this is why accessible help is very much appreciated.

It is convenient to find help on the distributor’s website through video demos, self-guided tutorials or even community forums. 

Also, sometimes you can get free employee training programs, which could be valuable for having your staff quickly ready to use and fix issues with your online cash register.

Services Available with an Online Cash Register

Online cash registers offer a wide range of advanced solutions. Here are some of them:

  • You can manage your data, as your customer’s profiles. This allows you to adapt your offers and your promotions differently for each customer.
  • You can have an efficient loyalty points program. Rewarding the loyalty is easy with an ePOS software.
  • With an online cash register, you can also enjoy detailed reports accessible from anywhere, you just need an internet connection. Comparing profitable and unprofitable products might allow you to have the accurate products in store. Checking your sales from home is possible.

Oline Cash Register Report

  • You can manage your delivery. It is easy to find names and addresses where you  have to deliver the products to.
  • You can manage your inventory much faster than with an old cash register. The process is easier, mistakes are reduced and stock is updated every time an item is sold.
  • Most of the times, you can customize your screen to make it really easy to use.
  • You can decide to select a software customized for your sector, which will offer you really advanced and personalised options.
  • Most of the software options are available even if the internet is down. Your data will be resynchronized as soon as you are back online.
  • You can use your online cash register as a mobile POS. This allows you to bring the cash register to your customers throughout your store.
  • You might be able to connect your software to other business apps in accounting for example.

Price of Online Cash RegistersOnmine Cash Register Tablet

Online cash registers are cheaper than electronic POS as you most probably don’t need to buy hardware. Software can be used on most devices.

You need to get an application or a software and the price of these varies from free to expensive, depending on the options available and  the size of your business.

For some of the options you also need to pay a monthly subscription.

Also, you might need to do mandatory updates, which can be expensive.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't buy your online cash register based exclusively on price. This kind of equipment increases the performance of your staff and store, so don’t underestimate its importance. You will use it everyday, so don't buy the cheapest one because it is important that it is reliable. Remember to check customers’ reviews.

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