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The Best Coffee Machine for Your Business

Having a coffee machine in your office is important for your employees and clients alike. You can choose a coffee machine perfectly tailored to your office needs, in terms of price, operating costs, size, and number of cups per day. The first step to take before purchasing a new coffee maker is to determine your needs.

  • Does your office need a coffee machine that can serve large volumes of coffee to hundreds of employees? Then probably a coffee vending machine is the most suitable solution for you.
  • Do you need a machine that can produce a few cups of high quality coffee for important clients? In this case, a bean to cup coffee machine sounds perfect for your description.

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A Coffee Machine Is the Heart of the Office

Quality coffee can have a strong effect on employee performance and plays an important role in social interactions. The variety and quality of coffee machines has changed during the past years and this has changed what people expect from coffee served at the workplace.

Investing in a coffee maker for a work environment will ensure that your workers stay productive, happy and have the opportunity to take a break and recharge before going back to their work activities.

Coffee IT Work

Coffee in the UK

Did you know that compared to most other European countries, the UK remains one of the few to favor instant coffee over fresh ground coffee or fresh coffee beans? (Source: Euromonitor) In any case, coffee consumption is on the rise in the UK, and office coffee machines have become an asset for every business. Research has shown that coffee served, in Scotland for example, is stronger than coffee served in Italy or Spain.

Coffee consumption is apparently highest in Brighton, where coffee shops have spread intensely all around the city. London is also popular for its various coffee shops, and its trend to replace passion for tea for passion for coffee. This increase in popularity has lead to consumers that are more demanding and that expect high quality coffee.

What Kind of Coffee Drinkers Do You Work With?

Coffee machines that are on the market today can serve between 15 and 500 cups of coffee per day and can brew a wide variety of beverages.

Therefore, it is important to know what type of coffee beverages your workers prefer. Do you need coffee machines in several locations? Do you need to be able to brew more than one cup of coffee at a time?

A coffee makers' brewing capacity can vary. Finding out how much coffee your workers drink per day will help you find a solution for your business that gives the best return on your investment.

Which Coffee Machine to Buy?

There is a wide variety of coffee machines available on the market today. After figuring out how many cups of coffee your office consumes per day, the next question is what kind of coffee you would like your coffee machine to make. A key difference between coffee machines is whether they grind the coffee beans themselves, or serve filtered coffee.

Coffee Capsule

  • Bean-to-cup coffee machines grind the coffee beans inside the machine, and then mix them with hot water. 
  • Filter coffee machines make coffee from pre-ground coffee beans.
  • Instant coffee machines use coffee beans which are freeze-dried, often into a powder, which is mixed with hot water.

Nowadays many coffee machines combine some of the features presented above. A coffee machine can, for example, serve both filter coffee and coffee made from freshly ground beans. Almost every coffee machine for office use contains a milk frother, as well as the option to choose how much milk and sugar should be added to your coffee. Many of the coffee machines available can also serve coffee specialities, such as cafe latte and cappuccino, as well as other hot drinks such as hot chocolate.

A relatively new option for small offices is a coffee capsule machine. This kind of coffee capsule machine can also contain a milk frother to prepare the espresso drinks which contain milk. However, purchasing a coffee capsule machine can be significantly more expensive than simply re-filling a larger coffee machine. Hence, coffee capsule machines work best for smaller offices with fewer coffee consumers.

Reusable or Disposable Cups?

Coffee in a plastic cupAnother matter worth considering before purchasing a coffee machine, is what kind of cups you wish to use. If you wish to use porcelain cups, then the dishwasher needs to be fairly close to the coffee machine, and there of course needs to be enough cups for everyone in the office.

If you wish to use disposable cups, (which may be a good idea, for example if the coffee machine is placed in the lobby of the office building), then ask the coffee machine supplier if they can offer these along with the coffee machine.

Buy, Rent or Lease a Coffee Machine?

Another major question to consider is whether should you buy a coffee machine or you should better sign a coffee machine rental agreement. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the original investment price and the actual cost per year. Even though the original investment price is usually higher when you purchase a coffee machine, renting or leasing include many running costs that must be taken into account as well.

Service tasks related to the coffee machine, such as re-filling the machine with coffee, can usually be purchased as an operational service, regardless of whether the machine is owned or rented.

Other Aspects Affecting the Price of a Coffee Machine

The multitude of institutions that invest in coffee machines vary in what they need and expect from their product of choice. Some organizations provide coffee machines for a select group of employees while others provide machines that are intended for public use.

A coffee machine found in an office environment will differ greatly from one found in a public space, such as a library, foyer or train station. Most providers of coffee machines will offer additional customization, like need for the dispenser to be coin-operated, a wide variety of coffee types, or a touch screen display.

Coffee At Work

It is important that you take into account all factors related to your investment in a coffee machine unit, especially the indirect benefits. Investing in a high quality machine will reflect positively on your company's brand, especially if you regularly host clients and customers.

Fresh coffee is also important for employees, because studies show that roughly 30 per cent of the average work day is unproductive. Improvements to your employees’ well-being, like providing hot beverages, can lead to improved employee efficiency.

Would You Like to Invest in a Coffee Machine?

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