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Last Updated: 28. June 2018

Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Deciding on a Coffee Machine

When deciding on buying a coffee machine there comes the question of which type to buy. In the present days there are many options to choose from, depending on each individuals' preferences.

Depending on the setting where the machine is to be installed and used, various machines can be taken into consideration. In aiding coffee machine buyers, we have created a coffee machine buying guide, so as to make the experience as easier and as least frustrating as possible. Below are the criteria which are included in the buying guide for coffee machines.

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Type of Coffee Machines

Coffee machines are different in the types of coffee that they produce. On the present market there are simple coffee machines which brew just one type of coffee or more advanced machines which encompass a range of types of coffee.

Taking into consideration which type of coffee is preferred, whether this is one type or several, is an important factor when choosing a coffee machine. This is why knowing the type of desired coffee is the first step in our coffee machine buying guide. 

Generally speaking, one can consider three types of coffee machines: espresso coffee machines, bean to cup machines and capsule machines, which produce different types of coffee. These vary in aspects such as functionality and price, as well as the accessories which they provide. Below we mention some more factors to consider when deciding which coffee machine to buy.

Price of a Coffee Machine

In our coffee machine buying guide, price is an important factor to consider. The price of a coffee machines will vary considerably depending on its type. Simple coffee machines which produce just one type of coffee will cost less due to their simplicity of design and functionality.

More expensive coffee machines will add more accessories as well, such as milk frothers and a larger variation of coffee which they can brew. Coffee machines that are more expensive also can provide a larger option list on the variations of brewed coffee, be these coffee beans which it can grind instantly or pre grinded coffee as well as coffee capsules.

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Manual and Automated Coffee Machines

Another aspect to consider when choosing a coffee machine for your business is whether you want a manual or an automatic machine. Manual machines are often the least pricey.

However, depending on the desired model, they can reach the price of some automated machines. Choosing between the two depends on what type of coffee drink is consumed regularly, or the setting in which the coffee machine is to be installed in, such as a home or an office.

Pertaining to the automated coffee machines, the more options this provides, the higher the likelihood of satisfaction with the machine, as the least expensive ones might not provide the expected quality.


Other Aspects to Consider When Buying Coffee Machines

There are other aspects to consider in our coffee machine buying guide, which may go hand in hand with the price of the machine. One of these is the level of maintenance of the machine, which refers to how easy it is to clean after being used. It also considers the level of maintenance of the internal components- if the water used is high in minerals, these may deposit on the machine components and may require cleaning, or descaling.

Another thing to take into consideration is the warranty that the machine comes with, as this may come in handy if something should happen to the machine.

Generally speaking, automatic coffee machines might be faster to break down considering their added functions. However, this may not be a major factor to take into consideration when deciding to buy a more sophisticated coffee machine.