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Last Updated: 25. October 2019

Do You Need a POS System or A Cash Register?

POS Terminal

Is your business in need of a new and reliable system to handle payments? If the answer is yes, you have probably realized that the market is full of different devices, systems and solutions.

You have to find an adapted solution to your industry and business. Your need of a whole system or just a single machine will depend on your business size and requirements. Find out which one is the best solution for you in order to not unnecessarily spend a high amount of money and to make your everyday tasks less complex.

The difference between ePOS systems and cash registers is not always clear because the terms have a tendency to be confused and used interchangeably.

Cash register is a generic name of all the units needed to handle payments. POS system may include more features, such as table reservations and inventory status, which can be useful in specific industries such as restaurants. Simple cash register machines are more basic with a keypad and a small display where you enter payments.

Read more below to understand better the differences between POS systems and cash registers.

POS system or cash register? That depends on your needs.

Here are some examples of store owners that have different needs:

I run a restaurant and I need to manage table bookings.
You need a POS system!

Cash -register

I wish to manage inventories and orders.
You need a POS system!

I receive a small amount of payments per day.
You need a cash register!

I run a restaurant and want to be able to send orders from the waitress to the kitchen.
You need a POS system!

I have heard that you can accept payments made from the customer’s phone.
You need a POS system!

I need to collect simple data, as the total amount of sales.
You need a cash register!

What is a cash register?

A cash register can include a computer. Basic models have a keypad, digital or analog, and a display that allows the staff to register the payments. The hardware includes a cash drawer, a printer and in option you can also add a small display for the customers. This kind of very simple cash register with really few features are nowadays less and less used.

More advanced cash register often include a computer, a barcode scanner and a receipts printer. As explained before, cash register is often misused in the language and people use this word to mean POS system.

What is a POS system?

Mobile -Pos

An electronic POS (ePOS) system is a more advanced machine. This checkout system include more features and devices compared to a cash register such as card readers, barcode scanners and an ingenious software. The whole system is managed from a Windows computer or Mac and associated with a software. These programs can be customized for a specific industry and can include many features in addition to the registration of payments, such as stock status, automatic product orders, statistics and table bookings. Most of the software also allow the employees to have a personal login and personal sales figures.

Today ePOS systems mainly differ on either they are connected to the internet or not. The benefits of a connected POS system is that you have the opportunity to do online backups, and automatically download the software updates.

Moreover, an ePOS system can also be used as a mobile mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) system. Indeed, if you use your POS system on a Mac you can also use it on your iPhone or iPad. On the other hand, if you use your POS system with a PC you can also use it on another mobile device. Phones and tablets are easy to carry around and that can be useful if you need to receive payments out of your store location. Also, this feature let you check the sales reports and other information from home.

Complete the quote request form today to find out more about cash register and POS system. Free quotes from several providers will allow you to compare prices and models, and finally be able to purchase the system or the device that suit the best your business. We will connect you with qualified suppliers of hardware and software solutions, for free.

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