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Last Updated: 14. May 2018

POS Software: Become a 2.0 Restaurant

The Importance of POS Software 

If you are reading this blogpost, you perhaps have wondered at least once what is behind POS systems. If not so, you have to know that there is a fundamental tool behind the screen of a Point of Sale. As a matter of fact, POS software can make the difference in your restaurant performance.

What Is Restaurant POS Software?

A restaurant Point of Sale software is needed for registration of sales operations, payments reception and discounts on your cash register. Restaurant POS software having additional features are also used to keep track of the ingredients inventory, which is extremely important when dealing with customer relationship management.

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How Does Restaurant POS Software Work?

Briefly, the POS software is what makes the hardware working or rather the computer, the receipt printer, the credit card machine and all those components your restaurant is provided with. More specifically, it is connected to a network which is continuously updated as soon as cash operations take place.

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All the devices in your restaurant are connected by the Point of Sale software, so first of all it is necessary that it is always on mode to guarantee the best efficiency. Restaurant POS software is vital, without it you cannot print receipts or take payments!

At the same time, it enables you to stick your hardware accessories together. For example, when orders are taken and put on the ePOS system, they can be automatically sent to the kitchen computer or printer, so that you won’t waste a minute in the service.

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How to Choose Your Restaurant POS Software?

  • Ease of use
  • Transaction speed
  • Security of payments
  • Inventory track
  • Staff management
  • State-of-the-art

These are the standards to bear in mind and enjoy when buying a new Point of Sale software for your restaurant.

First of all, an ePOS software has to be user-friendly. According to your preferences and your relation with technology, you can make the best use of your restaurant Point of Sale software. Ask for demos to your supplier and find out which is the most fitting POS software for you and your staff.

We all know that speed is a keyword for restaurants. Another way to improve the service is to accelerate transactions. Customers usually get nervous as soon as you take bank card and put it into the credit card machine. So what you need is a functioning POS software that allows you to complete the payment operation in the shortest time possible.


Once the daily service is over, make sure that everything went well with the transactions. Well, of course you won’t have to worry about it if you buy a well-performing restaurant POS software. Sometimes free POS software may not be a good choice, specially when it comes to taking secure payments and maintaining a high quality service.

Go for a Point of Sale software that helps you in keeping track of the inventory, so that you can avoid unpleasant situations with your customers. If some of the food ingredients are going to get run out of, the restaurant POS software will refresh manually or automatically and everyone who is using the POS will be aware of it.

It is possible to keep track of your restaurant staff operations thanks to POS software: orders, payments, discounts and so on. But also, if your hardware includes a fingerprint scanner, you can check when every member comes and leaves the workplace and you can then set the salary amount based on this information.

Be innovative and consider to have a mPOS system in your restaurant. Very simply, nowadays many customers pretend to pay the bill with their smartphone or contactless card. This is the future of payment transactions, but it is already affecting our present. So go towards technology and your restaurant won’t be outdone!

If you are interested in getting more information about Point of Sale systems and POS software Market Inspector is here to help you. We provide a free service, you just need to fill in the form and you will receive up to 4 non-binding quotes. According to your necessities, our suppliers will find the best restaurant POS software for you.