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Last Updated: 30. January 2017

It's a Fact: POS Systems Benefit Small Businesses

It's a Fact: POS Systems Benefit Small Businesses

POS Systems - Important Part of Businesses

POS systems (Point Of Sale) in general may seem like a complex phenomenon when deciding up on the most appropriate solution for a company. The convenience of ePOS systems varies a lot depending on the scope, as well as the line of business.

Large companies such as retail chains are often dependent on more advanced POS systems in order to fulfill their needs. The multiple alternatives to small businesses are of certain interest here since vendors might not have the same scope and do not necessarily need such complexity to grow their business, but what do they need?

For vendors, it has become a great advantage or even a requirement to be able to accept credit/debit cards in today's business environment. For instance, steps have already been taken in Sweden towards cash elimination and that might indicate how payment methods are developing.

However, there are still many vendors only accepting cash, possibly leading to higher ultimate cost due to incompetency towards customers with credit cards only. Figures then show that the usage of credit/debit cards is constantly increasing and people are starting to use mobile payments more frequently.

Despite the extent of growth in mobile payments, the technology is still limited to functionality and it cannot handle all tender types, for instance. That is why the traditional POS will, for now, be the required solution by most vendors, but note that mobiles and tablets are likely to grow rapidly in the nearest future.

What POS System to Choose?

Vendors should not only be concerned about their ability to accept payments and process sales. It can be highly valuable to include additional features such as inventory management, customer data gathering, and other statistics applications in order to run and grow the business further.

Nowadays, POS systems are becoming fairly affordable whilst evolving parallel to rising technology. But the systems are numerous and it might be difficult to know what to choose without a major intelligence gathering.

The Business News Daily staff writer, Sara Angels, recently studied the best solutions available for small businesses on today ́s market. As result of her studies, the POS system Vend was her top pick for all-in-one solution.

The system goes beyond traditional transactions and provides features such as real-time reporting, inventory tracker and the company offers a 24/7 customer service. As the most valuable benefits of Vend come together in a form of price and functionality, the ease of use is noteworthy.


Written by Kristofer Pall Lentz